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English program


  • General English — Ages (10-14)

    This General English class focuses on learning essential vocabulary, basic phrasing, reading sight words, listening comprehension and pronunciation skills while playing games and fun language learning activities.

  • General English — Ages (15-18)

    This General English class focuses on learning vocabulary, reading and writing stories, listening comprehension, pronunciation and conversation practice with lots of fun interactive activities for quick and tangible results. Students learn vocabulary and grammar lessons by exploring British and American culture and customs.

  • Academic English (1 semester)

    This advanced class focuses on learning advanced grammar, college writing, public speaking, and accent pronunciation. Students also learn vocabulary in the context of formal and informal class discussions.

  • University Preparation (2 semesters)

    The University Prep Program prepares students to succeed academically and socially in an university environment. The Program provides students with academically-based coursework that emphasizes writing, reading, and speaking. Students experience university style learning with a focus on: class projects, teamwork, and presentations.

  • Adolescent Schedule

    Semester: 2 hours a week for 12 weeks
    Classes are offered: Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Friday morning and Saturday morning.