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Special Course for Yong Learners
(10 to 15 Years old)

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In our English Communication Class, we prioritize creating a supportive and interactive environment where students can develop their language skills organically. From conversational English to written expression, we cover a broad spectrum of communication to ensure well-rounded language development.

Key Components:

  • Conversational Fluency: Our class focuses on developing conversational fluency through lively discussions, group activities, and interactive exercises. Students have the opportunity to practice English in real-life scenarios, building confidence and overcoming any hesitation they may have in expressing themselves.

  • Grammar and Vocabulary: We believe that a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary is essential for effective communication. Our curriculum combines structured lessons with engaging activities to reinforce language fundamentals in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

  • Reading and Writing Skills: We encourage a love for language through reading and writing exercises. Students explore a variety of texts, from literature to contemporary articles, and are guided in expressing their thoughts through creative writing, essays, and storytelling.

  • Cultural Exploration: Language is deeply connected to culture. Our class incorporates cultural elements to broaden students’ perspectives and enhance their understanding of the English-speaking world. Through multimedia resources, discussions, and projects, students gain insights into different cultures and traditions.

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