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The Leading English Academy in Fez

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Creative Courses

Tailored courses to explore the English lifestyle & language.

Native Speaking Teachers

Fluent guidance from native-speaking teachers.

Certified Courses

Our courses come with a certification from Cambridge University.

Why Students Choose



Our students have the most seamless Learning experience compared to all of our competition in North

Our Featured Programs

For kids

Special course for kids (5 to 9 Years old)

For young learners
From A1 to C1

Program for young learners(10 to 15 years old)

For adolescents
Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (B1 -C2)

STEM (from 16 to 18 years old)

For Adults
from A0 to C2

Diverse Courses for Adults & Professionals

Committed To The Best Results!

We have to classes named after the best universities in the world “Cambridge” and “Oxford”. To motivate our learner and give them a push torwards the futur.


Companies who trust us...

These are some of the companies we’ve worked with before and to whom we have a special offer…

-15% on all education fees for all the personel of theses entities, and -10% for their family members.

The English Academy has been supporting people who need to learn English for 3 years, and has been so successful that we decided to not just stay in Fez but to fully generalize this concept in Morocco.
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